Game Documentation


Play UNO with your friends in Discord! This bot ports the classic UNO card game to your Discord server, providing private and easy-to-use hands without spamming your DMs or a server channel.


The logic for playing is based on the classic UNO set rules, so you should be familiar already if you've played standard UNO before. There are a few minor alterations listed below, along with some standard-but-pedantic rules that you might want to brush up on.

Alterations & Clarifications

  • If a player reaches "UNO" (one card in hand) but does not "yell UNO" within 3 seconds, they must draw another 2 cards.
  • This version of UNO does not use a points system, but continues until a player runs out of cards.
  • The game may start with a Wild or Wild Draw 4 card, which means the beginning player may play any card of their choosing.
  • The beginning player is a random selection from all players.
  • Turns are taken in the order that each player joined before/after the randomly selected beginning player. This order may be reversed with a reverse card, and a player may be skipped with a skip card.
  • It is not illegal to play a Draw 4 card even if the player has other cards that may be played.


Here are a few ways to start this game:

  • With a slash command: /uno players:... cards:...
  • In challenge mode with /challenge or by right clicking a user and pressing "Challenge" under "Apps"