Game Documentation


Buckle your seatbelts and ready your necks for the only death row that lets you play a fun guessing game to escape your sentence.


Below are some 'styles' that you can play Tabletop Hat's Hangman in. These could be seen as difficulty levels for the players who are guessing.

  • Standard (default)
    • The game starts with gallows present. Players get 7 chances to guess all the letters correctly.
  • No Gallows
    • The game starts with no gallows present, and they are drawn in one third at a time (base, post, ceiling). Players get 3 extra chances with this style for a total of 10 chances.
  • Hardcore
    • The game starts with everything drawn except for the man's head. Players get 1 chance with this style, so they must guess correctly every time to avoid losing.

Infinite Mode

A game creator can enable "infinite mode" by passing infinite: True to the /hangman start command. This tells Tabletop Hat to let the game continue even after it would have normally ended (when the hanged man is red).


Here are a few ways to start this game:

  • With a slash command: /hangman start word:... definition:... style:... infinite:...